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CRUSH Breast Cancer

During tough times, it’s the small acts of kindness that make the biggest impact. If you have kids who play travel sports, you know that the team becomes like family. That’s exactly what happened for Joelle VanGuilder, a mother of four who was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2023.

Joelle spends her weekends at sports parks and her weekdays working and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation at UK Hospital in Lexington. Her two sons play on the Crush baseball team, each in a different age group. Joelle shared a special moment when her older son’s team was finishing practice and her younger son’s team was about to start. The field cleared, and then both teams came walking out wearing pink jerseys that said, “CRUSH Breast Cancer.” This was a special, heartwarming moment for her.

On the weekend of May 18th, the baseball team wore their pink jerseys to show Joelle that she is not alone in this fight. Joelle shared that her diagnosis was a shock. She has always been in shape and has no family history of breast cancer. At 46, it’s been hard on her family. She reassures her daughters that just because she was diagnosed with breast cancer does not mean they will get it too.

When Joelle learned the team was going to wear pink jerseys during their game, she knew she had to wear pink to match. It was heartwarming to see all the kids and parents support her in this difficult journey and show her that she is not alone. Seeing the community that travel ball creates, with strangers turning into family, is truly amazing.

At The Elizabethtown Sports Park, we believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting those in need. We’re inspired by Joelle, her family, and the Crush team for reminding us of the incredible impact we can make when we come together. Let’s continue to raise awareness, support those battling breast cancer, and work towards a future where no one must face this disease alone.

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