Meet the Elizabethtown
Sports Park Team



Elizabethtown Sports Park gives athletes and spectators a place to feel like a champion. We indulge in the finer fields of life by having a pristine facility that harnesses the beginning to sportsmanship. We believe in creating experiences for people who yearn to be in the big leagues. Whether a sports event or fun event, our park will give you and your customers the feeling of grandeur and professionalism.

Todd Yancey

General Manager

Todd Yancey is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is the General Manager for our park. When He isn’t at the park you can find him spending quality time with his wife, two sons and their pets. Todd oversees the management of the park, sets the environment for the Elizabethtown Sports Park team to deliver a lifetime experience to all of the guests. His favorite thing about the Sports Park is, “The perfect feel of our fields.” 

Matt Howe

Director of Events

Matt Howe is from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and is our Director of Events at the Elizabethtown Sports Park. Matt is in charge of contacting events, building relationships with new and existing right holders, while creating and developing new Elizabethtown Sports Park owned events. Matt says, “I love the Elizabethtown Sports Park because it reminds me of Disney World. The fields are immaculate, and you can see how that helps create a great experience for Kids!” 

Pamela Stevenson

Finance Manager

Pamela is from SE, Montana and is the Finance Manager for the Elizabethtown Sports Park. When she isn’t at the Sports Park you can find her hiking, reading and spending time with her son. Pamela oversees the finances, human resources and payroll at the park. Pamela says, “My favorite thing about the Elizabethtown Sports Park is how beautiful it is, and having the opportunity to work with my wonderful co-workers!” 

Amanda Anderson

Programs Coordinator

Amanda Anderson is from Chicago, Illinois and is the Programs Manager for the Elizabethtown Sports Park. Amanda plans community events and creates local programming. In her free time, you can find Amanda spending time with friends and her dog. More than likely she will be trying out a new adventure. Amanda says, “My favorite part of the Elizabethtown Sports Park is how clean the facility is, and how nice and welcoming the staff is.”

Susanne Clark

Food & Beverage Manager

Susanne is originally from Stuttgart, Germany and is the Food and Beverage Manager for the Elizabethtown Sports Park. In her free time Susanne enjoys jewelry making, baking and spending time with friends. Susanne manages the concessional staff schedule, ensures the concessions run smoothly and tracks inventory. Susanne says, “My favorite thing about the Elizabethtown Sports Park is the great team I work with!”

Support Staff

Elizabethtown Sports Park would be impossible to run without the help of our outstanding staff members. From the people who greet you as you enter to the park staff who keep the fields and pavilions in excellent condition, our management and support staff work together as a dream team. Elizabethtown Sports Park staff is comprised of a family of dedicated, passionate people who work together to make this the most outstanding sports park in the Midwest.