Elizabethtown Sports Park Enters Multi-Year Agreement with Athlete Sports Group

Ath Athletx and Elizabethtown Sports Park to continue existing tournament schedule with a host of new events

A new, innovative partnership is on the horizon for Elizabethtown Sports Park. On Friday, November 1, a deal was signed between the Sports Facilities Management (SFM) managed park and Athletx Sports Group outlining a multi-year contract to bring in existing events owned by Athletx and form new events to be co-owned by the sports group and the facility. Athletx, based in Louisville, is a conglomerate of baseball and softball brands including Baseball Youth, Youth Nationals, Game Day USA and more.

“We are excited about this new partnership and the opportunities it will bring the Sports Park, our community, the teams and their families,” says Elizabethtown Sports Park General Manager, Todd Yancey. “This will allow us to continue to support our local businesses while developing our co-owned tournaments. Athletx shares the same vision as we do – delivering an experience for all involved that will last a lifetime. We look forward to building this unparalleled experience together.”

Elizabethtown Sports Park General Manager,
Todd Yancey

Jim Haddaway, CEO and Co-Founder of Athletx adds, “”The Elizabethtown Sports Park has been one of Athletx’s marquee venues since opening in 2012. It’s close to home and the community there has always embraced our event’s participants. We’ve brought in teams from nearly every state in the US as well as several international teams over the years and without question, rave reviews of the complex have always followed those team’s experiences. We feel like the Elizabethtown Sports Park was already one of the premier youth sports complexes in the country and with the new addition of AstroTurf to the diamonds in 2020 we feel that designation will be elevated even higher! We are so excited to partner with our friends in E-Town enabling us to provide a home for our events and the families we serve.”

CEO and Co-Founder of Athlete
Jim Haddaway

This agreement will continue the same major events Athletx has hosted previously and open the door for remaining weekends to host co-branded tournaments on any of Elizabethtown’s 12 premier diamond fields.

“Congratulations to the team at the Elizabethtown Sports Park and the Athletx Sports Group,” says Elizabethtown Tourism, Executive Director, Janna Clark. This partnership elevates our area to a whole new level of youth travel sports. The combined experience and industry respect of these two groups is truly unprecedented. Athletx is a familiar client at the park, having put on some of the most successful events since the park opened in 2012. The Athletx team knows our community and is committed to bringing visitors to town to play sports and enjoy all there is to do in Elizabethtown.”

Elizabethtown Tourism Executive Director,
Janna Clark

Each event will increase the number of players and their families in the park, boosting local spending, with some predictions outlining 10,000 players plus their families to attend in the first year. The agreement outlines a shared revenue for both the sports park and Athletx on each event, with Ahtletx providing all marketing, advertising and execution of each event. There will be 25 newly developed events throughout the March to November season, and the first pitch for the inaugural tournament with Athletx will be announced soon.

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