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Photos from ESP Adult Softball league and Run for the Gold cross country event

A Park for the Community: The Elizabethtown Sports Park 

If you live in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, chances are you’ve heard of the Elizabethtown Sports Park. It’s a place that often shows up in local news, like when it teamed up with Cal Ripken’s Ripken Experience this year. But what doesn’t get as much attention are the smaller events that take place here that bring our community together. As summer transitions into autumn, you might assume that the pace of events at our park will slow. Nevertheless, this article showcases the vibrant activities that continue throughout the fall season.” 

Local Leagues 

Let’s start with the local leagues at the park. We’re currently in the middle of the fall adult softball and wiffleball seasons. The park itself runs these leagues and contains a mix of teams. Some are from local companies, like Clark Jewelers’ wiffleball team. Others are individuals just wanting to be part of something in the community. Stuart Sharp, from Swope Family of Dealers, who also has a team in the wiffleball league, commented on the value the league had to offer his company. “We feel like participating in the leagues at the Sports Park gets us involved in the community, gives us old timers some exercise, and brings our store closer together.” Sharp continues, “And the fact that we were the 2022 Wiffle Ball Champions really does prove that anything is possible!” 


There are also leagues from outside groups, like the Elizabethtown Area Baseball Commission (EABC), Elizabethtown Area Youth Football (EAYF), and the Central Kentucky 45+ Baseball League. While the park doesn’t run these leagues directly, they ensure the fields and facilities are ready to go and looking their best come game time. It’s another way the community enjoys this amazing park. 


More Than Leagues 

The park isn’t only about local leagues. We also have school events that take place here. The park recently hosted the 10th annual Run for the Gold cross-country race with lots of schools joined in to race under the park’s lights. Additionally, the soccer fields are where Central Hardin High School’s soccer team practices and plays. The park has welcomed them for several seasons now as their field is being renovated.


Everyone’s Invited 

The Elizabethtown Sports Park is open to everyone. It’s not just for athletes – it’s for the whole community. Whether you’re into sports or want to enjoy the outdoors, there’s something here for you. We want this park to feel like a second home for everyone. We aim to be a place where the community feels welcome and connected. 


In Conclusion, Bringing Us Together 

The Elizabethtown Sports Park isn’t just a bunch of fields. It’s a place where our community comes together. From local leagues to school events, this park is where we share good times and make memories. As the seasons roll on, the park will keep symbolizing how strong our community can be when we all join in. 

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