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Javanon Cup 2024


April 12-14

Deadline to Register: March 29th


  • (U8) – $500
  • (U9 & U10) – $600
  • (U11 & U12) – $700
  • (U13 & U14) – $750
  • (U15 & U16) – $775
  • (U17 & U18/19) – $825


Schedules, Bracketing, Coach Conflicts, & Field Changes:
Brandt Pawley | bpawley@sportsfacilities.com


Welcome! The Javanon Cup has historically led the way as the premier soccer tournament in Kentucky. As our tournament has grown from a get-together of a handful of selected teams across the state, to a showcase of top regional and national soccer talent, the event has evolved into the “go-to” spring competition for highly competitive teams. The Javanon Cup will be hosted at the Elizabethtown Sports Park, the perfect place to play.

Soccer Team

All games will be played under international rules (FIFA) as modified below.

 No roster changes will be permitted after a team roster has been approved at tournament registration. All
teams must be currently registered with their State or National Association. No special formed all-star teams
will be permitted. Each player must have a valid USSF/USYSA ID card.

Duration of Game:

19U – (2) 40-minute halves

18U – (2) 40-minute halves

17U – (2) 40-minute halves

16U – (2) 35-minute halves

15U – (2) 35-minute halves

14U – (2) 35-minute halves

13U – (2) 35-minute halves

12U – (2) 30-minute halves

11U – (2) 30-minute halves

10U – (2) 25-minute halves

9U – (2) 25-minute halves


Max Roster:

7v7 – 14

9v9 – 18

11 v 11 – 22


Coach/Manager: In the event a game needs to be stopped due to inclement weather, lightning, etc.,
one or all the following methods will instruct you:
Notified by tournament official and or field marshals Referees on the field
Air Horns/Police sirens
The tournament director will continue update the manager and coach via email, text message and the tournament website.
In the event of Lightning the tournament wait 30 minutes after lighting strike before the games will be restarted. DO NOT LEAVE THE COMPLEX!
In the event of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning- all fields will be cleared until the local National Weather Service lifts the warning. DO NOT LEAVE THE COMPLEX (unless otherwise notified by the Tournament Director)
In the event of a Tornado Warning– all fields will be cleared until the local National Weather Service lifts the warning.
Extreme Cold
In the event the local air temperature or wind-chill index dips to or below 33°F the following guidelines will take effect.
33°F and above – No action taken
32°F and below – Air temperature or wind-chill Index 2 hours prior to game time; The tournament may cancel or delay games & outdoor activities- the tournament will notify teams and referees. **Please understand that moisture (rain or snow) will impact all decisions on delaying or canceling games.
Extreme Heat
In the event the air temperature rises to or above 90°F the following guidelines will take effect:
90°F and below – No action taken
Between 90°F and 100°F – Enforced 2-minute water breaks during each half
100°F and above – Projected air temperature or Heat Index at game time may cancel or delay games & outdoor activities- the tournament will notify teams and referees.
Re-Entry on the Fields: The air horns/sirens will sound again or a tournament official will inform you when everything is “all clear.” You should then return to the field. If it is necessary for you to check with Tournament Headquarters regarding this situation, we ask that only one team official go to the headquarters tent. If your team/player is on the field while the “prior to the ALL CLEAR” your team may be asked to leave the tournament and all your games will be forfeited. No refund is given. 

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