Elizabethtown Sports Park Celebrates 10-year Anniversary

(Elizabethtown, KY) May 2, 2022: In central Kentucky, located in the heart of the south, lives Elizabethtown Sports Park. As the sports park is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2022, the industry is reflecting on the past decade and all that the park has accomplished as well as looking ahead to the next 10 years.

Within the past decade, Elizabethtown Sports Park has been responsible for generating $150 million in direct economic impact in the city of Elizabethtown. The sports park sees on average 160,000 visitors annually with the hope of continuing to grow that number, each year. The goal from day one has been to create a venue within the community in which teams, players, coaches, and families can stay, eat, and experience the small-town charm of “Etown.”

Elizabethtown Sports Park draws athletes and their families from all over the nation with their expansive campus including: 12 turf interchangeable baseball/softball fields, 12 championship style fields on the other side of the campus, and more. Families are drawn to the sports parks and return each year due to several factors including the impeccable shape the venue remains in and the city of Elizabethtown’s charm as well as the abundant amenities for visitors. Elizabethtown is not only one of the first, but is a top sports tourism destination for all.

Janna Clark, Director of Elizabethtown Tourism commented, “Celebrating this significant milestone for the Elizabethtown Sports Park is rewarding and, honestly, it’s really powerful. For those of us who worked in a construction trailer all those years ago, looking back at what we have accomplished is definitely a source of pride. I am looking forward to the next ten years.”

The past 10 years have been nothing short of incredible with the experience Elizabethtown has been able to create around the sports park and as the park looks at what the next 10 years looks like, the vision is to continue to build key partnerships that allows the park to keep improving the guest experience, from the top-of-the-line concessions to the facility, to the staff. One of the key partnerships the park sought after was Florida-based, industry leading firm, The Sports Facilities Companies.

Jason Clement, Founder and CEO of Sports Facilities Companies commented on the park’s 10-year milestone, “Elizabethtown Sports Park remains as innovative and dominant than when it first disrupted the sports tourism industry 10 years ago. It is an honor for us to contribute to the growth and accomplishments of the City of Elizabethtown. On behalf of our entire 1,500-person team; congratulations to Janna Clark, Todd Yancey, and everyone affiliated with The Park. This venue is responsible for massive economic growth and many families impacted. That is just the beginning as the best is yet to come!”

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